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At FINGS FOR THIS we are in the business of designing and developing great little ideas. We like to put things in their place and to have a place for them.

FINGS® hooks cleverly create a new place to hang lightweight items that hadn't been thought of before. Have you ever noticed those little holes drilled in the sides of cupboards and bookshelves? The 32mm System is used by cabinet-makers world-wide (including IKEA) to construct adjustable shelving units. 5mm holes are drilled vertically down the sides of cabinet interiors to allow 'shelf supports' to be inserted.

At FINGS FOR THIS we are researching and developing new ways to use this universal system with great new designs for a multitude of purposes. We sell direct to retailers and also license to manufacture our products.

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458A High St, Prahran East Victoria 3181, Australia
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